Through dependable craft and quality, we celebrate the moments that make every day special.
Timeless style never 
goes out of fashion.

From the feeling of fresh sheets, to the warm embrace of a fluffy towel, our story is told every morning in homes across Australia. We are proud of our heritage as a trusted, iconic brand, but are working hard each and every day to make even better products that meet the needs of busy people.

Our Focus

Every product we create is carefully woven for Australian life, using the best fabric and most sustainable production possible.


We are an Australian owned and operated business that makes products for every kind of Australian family.


From the smallest detail to the boldest idea, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make your home shine.

The Dri-Glo Story

The first Dri-Glo towels rolled off the loom in Yarraville, Victoria in 1930. Over the next 88 years, our quality products have graced homes across the country. From the bright checks and pop art squares of the 50s, to the vibrant florals of the 70s, to the timeless classics of today, we’ve always fit into Australian life. So much so that designer Shirley Martin designed the towel for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Since then, we’ve moved beyond the bathroom and into the bedrooms and living spaces of Australia’s homes, where our heritage as an iconic Australian brand allows us to create timeless products for generations to come.

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