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The Secret To Fluffy Towels

How to keep your towels in perfect soft snuggle form.


When life gets busy and the days are long, nothing feels better than wrapping yourself in a fluffy new towel or bath sheet after a long warm shower or a soak in the bath. But what is the best way to keep your towels in perfect snuggle form?   


Here are some of our best kept secrets on how to keep your towels soft, fluffy and feeling brand new.

It all starts with a good towel

Most towels are made of cotton or of a cotton blend, this is because of the natural materials absorbent and soft fibres. For the best experience we recommend starting with a quality 100% cotton dense towel that is soft to the touch, just like our Ribbed or Waffle towels.  The more  natural the  fibre the better the softer and more absorbent towel!                                                                                                                                                                                                 


When to wash your towels?


One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying new towels is not washing them the moment they get home. You should wash brand new towels before use, as they can often contain excess fluff as well as a silicone coating that keeps them looking and feeling great on store shelves and in warehouse storage. This silicone coating is great for preventing damage while in warehouse storage or in transit to the store but is not great for absorbency. 


Before washing any new towel do be sure to check the care label. We recommend washing new towels in warm water with similar colours to preserve their shape and tone (there is nothing worse than buying a brand new snuggly white towel only to throw it in the wash with a pair of red socks!).

After use, we recommend washing your towel after every three to four uses to keep them bacteria free and gentle on the skin.


How to wash new towels?


When it comes to washing your new towels there are a few different methods and hacks you can do. We recommend using a gentle natural laundry detergent and washing with warm water without any added softeners or bleaches. Many softeners contain many chemicals and oils that coat the fibres while the harsh chemicals in bleach flattening the fibre loops on your towel which can hinder their absorbency. Instead try adding half a cup of distilled vinegar to your softener compartment or to your rinse cycle. Vinegar helps to kill bacteria while softening and brightening your towel fibres. This is not only great for your towels but great for the environment too.

As we have mentioned before it is also important to wash with like minded items, and while it can be a pain sorting through your piles of laundry this can go a long way in preserving the integrity of your towels as well as your other laundry. We also recommend washing  your  towels separately from your sheets. This can help prevent lint build up as well as ensures  you aren’t over stuffing your washing machine so each item gets the right amount of care. 

Drying your towels

As a soft natural fibre cotton, can be sensitive to extreme heat as strong heat can burn  your fibres flattening them, never to be soft again. To keep those babies feeling soft and full we recommend throwing them into the tumble dryer on medium heat. Ensure they are completely dry before storing to prevent any musty smells. 

For some extra softening, throw in the dryer with some dryer balls. This will help to not only reduce drying time but can also help fluff out the fibres. For some added scent, pop in a few drops  of essential oil to the balls before adding to the dryer. 

When it comes to keeping your towels fresh and fluffy remember to start with a good base and wash and dry them taking care of  your towels delicate natural fibres. If taken care of well your towels should last you many years to come!Looking to upgrade your towel?  Check out our Australian Cotton towel range here and comment down below your favourite towel care hacks!