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Top Tips For Storing Your Linen Sheets

Linen storage ideas to keep them looking great 

If 2020 taught us anything it’s the importance of having good quality linen bedding in the bedroom. Our beds turned into our offices, dining tables and for many a safe space to unwind and relax. We can all agree there is nothing more satisfying after a long day, then diving straight into bed. Which is why having good quality linen bedding is so important. That feeling of soft warm goodness you get from snuggling up in some quality linen sheets in our opinion is unmatched. 

But did you know with proper care you can make your linen last almost a lifetime? The way you organise and store your linens can be a vital component to ensuring fresh, crisp linen bedding for years to come. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favourite ways to ensure longer lasting linen. 

Dark Dry Place 

When not in use we recommend keeping your linens in a dark dry place like your trusty linen cabinet. This will help to protect your linens from pesky dust and mildew, and keeps them feeling fresher for longer, as well as keeping them organised. ear not if you do not have a linen cupboard available, you can also store in other dark dry places such as ottomans, draws and chests. 

Protect Against Moths

Protect against moths and other pesky linen loving bugs by keepingcupboards well ventilated and giving your wardrobe a regular spring clean. Also ensure to launder your linen before storing. For some extra prevention you can store your linen with some lavender scented satchels, a natural bug repellent and these make your cupboards smell amazing too!  


Keep your linen cupboard clutter free and avoid overcrowding to ensure good circulation of air, as well as ensuring easy access. There is nothing more stress-inducing than a jam packed, cluttered and overflowing cupboard. To keep those cupboards clutter free we recommend streamlining your collection. Aim for three to four sets per bed, with one or two available for guests. By capping the number of sets per bed you can help prevent over-stuffing your linen cabinet making it easier to access and store each set, as well as allowing those beautiful sheets to breathe.

Dryer Than The Desert

Before storing, ensure your linen is dry. Moisture is mildew's best friend and even the slightest bit of moisture in your cabinet can bring on a musty mess. To prevent that musty mildew smell take extra care to ensure linen is thoroughly dried before storing. If you prefer to line dry just pop in the dryer for a few moments to ensure there is no remaining moisture. While in the dryer you can throw in some dryer balls that will fluff and soften your linen and for an extra fresh scent add a couple drops of your favourite essential oils to the dryer balls.

Store In Fabric Bag 

Keep your linen protected and organised by storing them in fabric bags. This not only keeps sets together (so that peskey pillow case doesn’t go astray) but also helps to prevent yellowing. Remember to also give those fabric bags a wash after use to prevent the buildup of dust and mildew. They also help to keep your linen cupboard tidy and allow for easy storage and access. All Dri-Glo linen sheet and quilt cover sets come in their own fabric bag that not only helps us to reduce plastic but also allows for easy storage.
TIP: Don’t have a cloth bag? No fret! You can store your linen inside a pillow case.

Keep The Cupboard Fresh

Depending on where you live, your linen cupboard can start to smell musty and your linen can stop smelling great. To keep the cupboard fresh keep linen cupboards and draws well ventilated and regularly aired out. You can take it up a notch by storing linens with scented satchels. These will help keep those sheets smelling great straight out of the cupboard! Not a fan of satchels? You can use opened candles, a box of scented soap or even a few drops of essential oils on a cloth or hand towel. For an unscented odour control option opt for a slightly opened box of bi carb soda. The bi carb soda will help to absorb any bad musty smells. 

Rotate Your Bedding

When storing your linens, be sure to rotate your collection. This ensures each set gets the same amount of love and does not stay in the cupboard for too long. It also helps to prevent overusing one set over another (Nothing worse than picking up your favourite set only to find it worn down to the bone). You can do this by storing freshly washed sets at the bottom of each pile and ensuring you use what is on top. 

There you have it, our favourite ways to organise and store your linen bedding for longer lasting sheets. Looking to upgrade your linen bedding?  Check out our premium 100% Linen range here and comment down below your favourite linen storing tips!